Flexibility, experience and innovation, in only one word: Ronam Gomma Group S.r.l.

On the market since 1983 Ronam Gomma Group is a great leader in Italian and worldwide industrial building sector thanks to the quality and the range of its products, it is known from the greatest building company and industrial groups.

Ronam Gomma Group dynamism and versatility keep the company in a strategic position on the territory.

In the estabilishment in Treviolo (BG), Ronam Gomma Group concentrates the production, the manufacture and the treatment of metals components, the moulding, the finishing touches and the quality control in order that its products could result what of better available on the market in a correct relationship quality-price.

All the production process is under a restrictive quality control in keeping with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 normative. Ronam Gomma Group applies this normative since 1997, moreover the company applies CE mark on all of its products since 2018.

Ronam Gomma Group products, in the full respect of these standards, acquire the technical specifications required. Our products are “Custom Fit”, we realize them on specific requirements from our customers.

In order to satisfy our clients, every product could be delivered with laboratory certificate.